Whizzywing: the future of Whizzywig

Over the last year or two I have been working on a completely redesigned version of Whizzywig that overcame  some of the limitations of the original architecture and used contemporary coding practices. It also offered a more modern user interface that many users will find more productive - I accept that some won't as these things are always subjective. This project was known as Whizzywig 2011. Many users of this websites provided invaluable feedback on the development and the code is much improved as a result. Thank you.

It is now 2012 and the project has reached a level of maturity where it can be put on a more professional footing. It has a new website and a new name: Whizzywing. Hopefully this name will hint at it's heritage and won't be too confusing.

I do not intend to make any further releases of Whizzywig and will instead be working on the successor: Whizzywing.

The old Whizzywig will remain available at it's home on Google Code. You can continue to download it from there or further develop the source.