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Whizzywig 2011

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If you are interested in the old Whizzywig version, read on...

Web based rich text editor for free

The Whizzywig editor

Whizzywig is easy. It lets people create rich, formatted text through a web form. It actually creates xhtml, but you need no HTML knowledge to use it. If you can use a word processor or email, then you can use this. Try it in your page - copy the following and paste it anywhere into your page:

and it will turn any textarea into a rich text editor.

Whizzywig is cross-browser: it is written in Javascript, which will run in nearly all web browsers. It is lightweight, at 29k (only 8k with compression), and is the most powerful rich text editor for its size. It does not require a Javascript library, and works independently of JQuery, MooTools, etc.

Whizzywig is FREE. Free to copy, free to use and free to change. Free for personal use, free for commercial use.
See the licence for the details. Basically, it says it is FREE.

latest version is 63 June 23, 2011 - changelog Download

What they say

  • Thanks for the wonderful versatile script - Phil
  • My hat off the John and crew! This is hands down the best editor for ASP.NET or ASP I have ever used!!!!! - NetlinksCorp.com
  • Thanks for a great piece of software - J Dyer
  • Cet Ă©diteur est mieux que dâ??autres que lâ??on peut trouver. Il est plus simple et contient les Ă©lĂ©ments essentiels. - BigFish
  • THE FASTEST EDITOR for DRUPAL !!! - Drupal Whizzywig team

See it work

Choose a Whizzywig demo below


Your choice will pop up here.

Whizzywig Features

  • Whizzywig is FREE. Free to copy, free to use and free to change.
  • WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get (pretty much). Pronounce it "Whizzywig".
  • Works with: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera
  • bold Bold, italic italic,
  • indent Indent, outdentoutdent, leftleft justify, rightright justify, centercenter text
  • undoUndo and redoredo
  • color 216 'web-safe' color picker ...
  • ...but supports other colors and color names (e.g. red, orange, darkgreen, cornflowerblue, magenta, chocolate, indigo)
  •  bullet Bulleted and numbered list numbered lists
  • /silkbtn/table.png Create and manage tables

    add row above

    add column before

    add row below

    add column after

    delete row

    delete column

  • image Insert and align images
  • link Insert and edit hyperlinks
  • Clean up after paste in from Word or other office products - removes unwanted formatting so the the pasted text conforms to your site style
  • HTML view view and edit the HTML source for the edited text
  • Fully configurable toolbar: as many or few controls as you want, you choose the order, even the color
  • Can be translated into other languages - see this Spanish version  OR German version.
  • Generates valid xhtml
  • Attach your own stylesheet, so the editor output matches your site style - see Customizing Whizzywig
  • Small - just 29k of Javascript (but similar features to editors 4 or 5 times this size)
  • Fast - Small and light weight and avoids pop-ups: no round trips to web server during editing
  • Easy to install - just one javascript file - no extra files for dialogs
  • Use text buttons, the graphic buttons supplied or create your own
  • Fully configurable toolbar: as many or few controls as you want, you choose the order
  • Extendable: add your own controls
  • Multiple whizzywigs on the same page
  • Full screen editing

To download and install

  1. Grab the latest version (63) whizzywig.js from the Whizzywig project page at Google code and save it to your PC.
  2. Upload it to your website - see How to upload with FTP.
  3. To use whizzywig with text buttons - see the text button demo - that's all you need.
    now read Using Whizzywig on web pages.

If you want the graphic buttons:Whizzywig toolbar buttons

Grab them from the Whizzywig project page at Google code.

Como insertar un editor WYSIWYG en tu proyecto web?