Whizzywig FAQ

Why can't I get to the next line by pressing Enter?

Because it's standard word processing behavior for Enter to create a paragraph break.
If you want a new line without a paragraph break hold down the shift key:

Simply pressing Enter...

Gets a new para. But pressing Shift+Enter...
Gets a line break without a new paragraph.

This is the same as Word and other office applications.

When I access the textarea from Javascript, how do I see the changes from Whizzywig?

You first need to call the function syncTextarea();

Whizzywig uses this function to copy from the Whizzywig edit area back into the original textarea. Whizzywig calls it automatically when the form is submitted, but if you need to access the changes from your own Javascript, then you need to call it explicitly.

 Is Whizzywig really free? Why?

Yes. See the licence. It will always be free.
You can even use it for free in your commercial projects, provided you distribute the source and the licence.
Because open source software is a good thing.
But you can get a commercial licence if you need one - see below.

If you'd like to say "Thank you":

My project can't use Open Source - is a commercial licence available?

Yes, you can get a commercial licence for Whizzywig through Jorogo, who can also provide support, integration and bespoke enhancements.
A commercial licence can mean
  • Whizzywig licence terms and source code do not need to be distributed with your software 
  • You do not need to place your modifications under an open source (GPL) licence
  • You can rebrand Whizzywig and sell as part of your own package (OEM)
Request more information using the Jorogo Contact Form.

Can I put more than one Whizzywig on the same page?

Yes. You can create multiple areas on a page.
See the Multiple whizzywigs demo. View the source of that page to see how.

Why doesn't Whizzywig work in Browser X?

Because Browser X does not support designmode on iframes. That means whizzywig does not work in a lot of really old stuff and user will see a plain textarea. The vast majority of users can run Whizzywig in their web browser. Recent versions of
  • Internet Explorer on PC
  • Firefox on Mac and PC
  • Safari on Mac and PC
  • Opera on Mac and PC
  • Google Chrome on PC
all support Whizzywig. If there is anybody left trying to use Internet Explorer on the Mac, then they should wake up and join the rest of us in the 21st century.

Why so few fonts?

On your computer you have many more fonts available that the ones listed in the Whizzywig pull down. Sadly, very few of them are reliably available on everyone else's computer. What's more, not all fonts are 'browser safe'. Symbol fonts like Webdings (Webdings) are not displayed in many browsers.