Whizzywig download

Whizzywig files for DOWNLOAD are now all hosted at Google Code.

  • The minimum you need to get started is the whizzywig source file - Whizzywig63.js is the latest.
  • For the toolbar images (Contains images 
for all the default buttons in one image file)
    Contains images for all the default buttons in one image file),
    copy icons.png into the same directory as whizzywig.

If your language is English and you are not doing anything fancy, the above 2 files are all you need

See Using Whizzywig on web pages for what to do next.

Enjoy -it's all free. If you'd like to say "Thank you":

Language files - for translations of whizzywig.js available at Google Code.

Simply put a script link to the appropriate .js file in the head section of your page.

  • language file for German - Deutsch
  • language file for Spanish - Espanol
  • language file for French - Francais
  • language file for Hungarian- Magyar
  • language file for Italian - Italiano
  • language file for Dutch - Nederlands
  • language file for Polish- Polska
  • language file for Portuguese
  • language file for Russian - Russki
  • language file for Slovak- Slovensky

Thanks to all contributors - if you want add or update a language file use the Contact page.
If you want a credit for your work, put your name in a comment in the .js file.