Whizzy Templates

A template  contains all the HTML that is fixed for every page: typically the header, footer, main menu etc. It can include the CSS, or a link to one or more external style sheets. It most respects it is an ordinary HTML file. A template can have any filename but saving the template with a file extension of '.htm' will make it easier to edit with Dreamweaver or another editor that recognises and highlights HTML syntax.

What makes a template different from an ordinary HTML page is the presence of Whizzy Placeholders. To turn any HTML file into a template replace the parts that can change with a placeholder. Common place holders are used to denote the document title and the main page content.

A very simple template could look like this:

  <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="site.css" />

In fact, that is similar to the "emergency template" that Whizzy uses if the template file is missing.

When Whizzy shows a page, it replaces the placeholders with the relevant content from the page file.
So, {HERE_TAG:title} will be replaced by the page title, {HERE_TAG:body} will be replaced by the page body (main content), and so on.

This makes it very simple to make a template from an existing web page you have designed yourself, or to adapt a ready made template from a template site on the web.

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