Whizzy CMS

Whizzy is a tiny Content Management System in a single file. It is very easy to install.  Whizzy is free under the MIT licence.

Put Whizzy on your website and you will easily be able to add and edit pages without learning HTML or CSS. You will be able to upload files and images to your website without installing or learning FTP. There is no software to install on your PC and only a single file to install on your web host. There are no databases to install and configure and no archives to unzip. You can have it up and running in about a minute and if you don't like it, it's easy to delete it.

But you will like it. Despite it's tiny size, Whizzy packs in a lot of features:

  • Needs no database - web pages are stored in hidden XML files.
  • WYSIWYG content editing - if you can format emails or use a simple word processor, you can edit pages with Whizzy.
  • Multiple editors - you can set up additional users who may only edit and upload content or who may have full administrative rights to the system.
  • Pages can embed other pages - the "everything's a page" concept means it's easy to produce content, such as menus, that get included on lots of pages.
  • You can even embed pages from other websites.
  • Extensible - programmers can add their own modules which can be incorporated into pages.
  • Search engine friendly: pages have sensible names, not numbers or obscure identifiers.
  • It's easy to paste in HTML and Javascript found on other websites.
  • Easily change the look and feel: Whizzy comes with a default page template that you can configure with different fonts, colors, layouts and background to create thousands of different variants.
  • Use any Template: If you are prepared to edit a little HTML, you can take a template from any designer and use it with Whizzy. Simply drop in some Whizzy Placeholders  where you want your Whizzy content to go.
  • The Whizzy  file manager lets you quickly see what files are on your website: you can edit, delete, copy and upload new files.
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Whizzy File  Manager