Trying to create a new page from my Kindle. Currently set to ckeditor Whizzywig 2011.

The new styled dropdowns

Typing is OK.£ £and  €€€$using Sym on Kindle.

The new styled dropdowns might not work

supposed to be a heading

yes, that did work. good.

heading inserted from Source view

Cannot use toolbar because text cursor and mouse pointer are the same thing.

But if you click the Sym key twice you can get the cursor back into point mode. So you can higlight a word, press Sym twice, move the pointer to the toolbar, click Bold, move the pointer back to the edit area and click it to type again.  In fact, if you highlight some text, you don't need to mess with the Sym key.

Heading inserted in WYSIWYG

  • Marvelous! Here is some text inserted with the Insert button.