How to upload with FTP

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol: it provides a means of transferring files over the Internet.

To upload a file from your PC to your web server you will need an FTP client: there are lots available, but we recommend FileZilla -it's free. You can grab the latest version from the Filezilla download page. If you are using Windows, then the first file on the list is what you need. 

Just Run the .exe file if invited by your browser - otherwise, on the desktop, double click the file you just downloaded - and it will install Filezilla for you.

Before you can upload you will need to know:

  • Your user id or login username for your FTP account.
  • Your  password for FTP.
  • The html directory where you need to place your files so that they can be seen by a web browser visiting your site. For example, your host may tell you to place the files in a subdirectory called "www" or "public_html".
Your host should provide all this information.

Now, start up FileZilla and
  1. in the form near the top of the FileZilla screen enter:
    Password password
    Port: 22

    Note that 22 is the port for Secure FTP, which is better because it is more secure(!). If this does not work try 21, for standard FTP. In some cases your host may tell you to use another number.
  2. If you are sure you have entered the host name correctly, you click OK to the "Trust this host?" prompt that may appear.
  3. You should now see two panels with lists of files.
    Filezilla screen
    The left hand one lists the files and folders on your PC, the right hand one the files and directories on your web server. In the right hand panel, click through to the html directory where your web pages live.
    In the left hand panel navigate to the file you wish to upload and drag it into the html directory in right hand panel. In a few seconds, the file should upload.

    So, for example, if you just downloaded whizzywig63.js, drag whizzywig63.js from the left hand panel into the directory public_html on the right hand panel.
    Alternatively, you can right click the filename you want to upload and and select Upload.
    Filezilla permissions dialog

File permissions

You can use FTP to set file permissions on your server.

If you are uploading Whizzy CMS, or any script that needs to create its own files, you will need to check that the directory on your web server is writable.

Right click the directory name in the right hand panel, and ensure that the checkbox [ ]Write under Public Permissions has a tick in it. The last digit of "Numeric value" should be "7".

Further information

There is a longer tutorial on using FileZilla, on the FileZilla website.