a mighty small JavaScript library

Unverse is a tiny JavaScript library which in just 5k, provides:

  • a lightbox (modal pop-up for images, forms, text - even web pages)
  • drag and drop: make any
    element   draggable
  • AJAX: or, more accurately, asynchronous HTTP requests: get stuff from your server without refreshing your page
  • numerous cross-browser shortcuts to show and hide elements, handle events and access the DOM


rich text for free

Write HTML without really trying using Whizzywig, a cross-browser wysiwyg through-the-web html editor. It's small, it works in Internet Explorer, Mozilla/Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Put Whizzywig on your website and you, or your users, will be able to edit content as simply as with a word processor.

Whizzywig is much smaller and simpler to install than other rich text editors, yet still offers text formatting, image and link insertion, tables and a fully tailorable toolbar.

Whizzywig Demo - Whizzywig Download.

Whizzy CMS

a really simple way
to manage your website

Whizzy CMS is a really simple Content Management System, partly evolved from Whizzywig.

The built-in file manager will upload files and images and editing pages is simple.

You can set up multiple users as editors.

If you are using - or considering - Whizzywig to edit pages on your website then try Whizzy.

Whizzy CMS has simplest install we can imagine - copy one file and go!